From its earliest settlement to its present day status as a richly diverse and vibrant community, New Rochelle's 300 year-old story reflects many of America's national trends and social movements. Founded by Huguenots (French Protestants) who left their homeland of France in pursuit of religious freedom, the 6,000 acres the refugees purchased from John Pell in 1688 now comprise the seventh largest city in New York State. Over three decades of fascinating history continue to resound in many of the community's neighborhoods, parks, waterfront, and its downtown.

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Historical & Landmarks Review Board
The HLRB is a seven member City Board, first appointed by City Council in 1985 to preserve New Rochelle's past and raise awareness of the City's rich history. The members are all local residents, volunteers, and knowledgeable in local history. The HLRB recommends the designation of districts and landmarks to the City Council, and reviews all exterior renovations and new construction in the local historic district. The Board receives grants periodically for various historic preservation projects. The HLRB is committed to identifying, maintaining, and perpetuating the historic elements that make New Rochelle unique.
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