General Information
The Dance component is led by Erin Pryor.

The dance curriculum of the STRIVE Leadership Academy is designed to develop and enhance its participants’ knowledge and awareness of dance through the following objectives:
  • Construct and develop the language of dance through a variety of technique classes including African, modern, jazz, and Latin
  • Explore history and development of dance in America and the pioneers that have forged the way for some of today’s contemporary dance styles
  • Observe and critique a variety of American dance companies through taped and live performances
  • Acquire and incorporate dance terminology through classes, workshop activities, and project assignments
  • Investigate and report on dance related career paths
  • Participate in production related responsibilities to support dance performances
  • Showcase their skill level with performances after each 14 week period
Additional Information
For more information, please contact the Youth Bureau at (914) 654-2045.