Monday Afternoon Movies

Recently released movies are shown on a large screen TV, with captions for the hearing impaired, every Monday at 1:00 pm.

Please note: Titles may change without notice. 

July 9 -

Darkest Hour

- Staring Academy Award Winner Gary Oldman, this drama retells the story as Hitler's forces near the United Kingdom and it is up to Winston Churchill to decide between negotiating peace of fighting against impossible odds. Rated PG-13

July 16 -

Filmstars Don't Die in Liverpool

- This moving love story explores the blooming May-December romance between an young English actor and an aging movie star. Rated R

July 23 -

The Post

- Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep star in this docudrama set in 1971 as the staff of the Washington Post face the dilemma on whether or not to publish the highly classified - top secret Pentagon Papers that reveal the US Government knew for decades the Vietnam War was unwinnable. Rated PG-13

July 30 -

The Greatest Showman

- Hugh Jackman stars in this wondrous musical about the life of entrepreneur P.T. Barnum and how he found fame and fortune by starting a circus.  Rated PG