The City of New Rochelle has begun paving operations. The weekly schedule is as follows.
Note that schedules are subject to change depending on conditions.

Weekly Paving Schedule
Oct 4-Oct 7

Paving 10/ 4  Centre Ave from Pelham Rd to Main Street
Paving 10/5
   Walnut  Street from Union Ave to Grove Ave 
Paving 10/5   Edgewood Park from  Lockwood Ave to Lockwood Ave 
Milling 10/6/16 Paving 10/7 Brookdale Ave From Lorenz Ave to 5th Ave intersection
Milling 10/6/16 Paving 10/7   5th Ave at Brookdale intersection 
Milling 10/6/16 Paving 10/7  Brookside Pl from Brookdale Ave to Halcyon Terrace

Master Paving List
The following streets will be surfaced in 2016. 
 Street Name  From  To
 Pelham Road Pelham Town Line Centre Avenue
 Centre Avenue  Pelham Road  Main Street
 Poplar Liberty Centre Avenue
 Meadow Lane Circuit Road Pelham Road
 Davenport Avenue 500 Davenport Avenue Davenport Park entrance
 Decatur Road Sutton Manor Road Farragut Circle
 Farragut Circle Echo Avenue Sutton Manor Road
 Sutton Manor Road
 Echo Avenue Decatur Road
 Chauncey Ave Clinton Avenue Mount Joy Place
 Clinton Avenue Coligni Avenue Mayflower Avenue
 The Boulevard Brookdale Avenue Rockland Place
 Walnut Street Union Avenue Grove Avenue
 Pelham Road North Avenue Centre Avenue
 Clove Road Mayflower Avenue Eastchester Avenue
 Interlaken Avenue Robins Road End
 Brookdale Avenue Lorenz Ave 92 Brookdale Avenue
Fifth Avenue Brookdale Avenue  Brookdale Ave. 
 Storer Avenue Lincoln Avenue Pelham Town Line
 Crawford Terrace Forest Avenue Elk Avenue
 Brookside Place Brookdale Avenue Halcyon Terrace
 Antler Overlook Circle Forest
 Palmer Avenue Sunhaven Drive Larchmont town line
 The Esplanade Overlook Circle Beechmont Drive
 Plymouth Drive Baraud Road Livingston Road
 Rogers Drive Wilmot Road Grand Boulevard
 Lord Ktchner Road Sunnyside Way Cul de sac
Belleau Avenue Mildred Parkway Cul de sac loop
Pine Park Drive Pinebrook Blvd.  Crestwood Lane
Bayberry Lane Pinebrook Blvd Split Rock Lane
 Stratton Road Wavery Road Pinebrook Blvd.
 Puritan `44 Puritan Drive Waverly Drive
 Stratton Road 323 Stratton Road Soulice Place