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Parking Rules
Please adhere to the following guidelines when using public parking lots:
  • Park within the lines.
  • Park head-on (backing into spaces is prohibited).
  • No trucks over 6500 pounds (gross weight) in structures; 8500 pounds (gross weight) in lots. Height limitations vary from 6'0" - 7'0" in structures.
  • Motorcycles must park in "dead" areas.
  • Permit holders must pay for the initial permit and understand that they must pay for any lost permit. The permit fees and replacement costs are noted on the back of the Parking Application form.
  • If paying by check, and it is returned for any reason, the permit holder must pay the returned check fee.
  • In the event the annual or semiannual fee is not paid in full within five business days of the commencement of the period for which the permit has been applied for, a late payment charge equal to 5% of the annual or semi-annual fee will be imposed.
  • Permits are valid only for the location specified on the permit and for those vehicles listed.
  • All permits must be displayed by the first day of the effective period.
  • Display only the current permit in the permit holder.
  • Unless rear windows are tinted, affix the permit holder to the rear window on the driver’s side. If windows are tinted, back into the spaces and place the permit in the front window above the registration sticker. Backing into space is only permitted in this case.
  • The permit must be clearly visible to an officer walking or driving past the vehicle or a summons will be issued for failure to properly display the permit.
  • Permits must be displayed at all times when the vehicle is at the facility. Failure to do so will result in the issuing of a summons.
  • Permits are not transferable between parties.
  • The permit shall not be altered or duplicated. Display of an altered or duplicated sticker is subject to summons and criminal prosecution.
  • All permit renewals require a completed permit application each year. Area Resident permit holders must provide residency proof each year.
  • Applications for renewal of parking permits must be submitted by the fifteenth of the month in which the current permit expires. There is no grace period so please plan ahead. 
  • Mid-year renewal reminders will not be mailed.
  • Permit parking areas may be relocated to facilitate maintenance.

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