Planning Board

This site contains the documents needed to understand the Planning Board process.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: New Application Submission Process
Applications will be accepted by appointment ONLY. Call 914.654.2185 to schedule a plan completeness appointment with Planning staff. Please follow the requirements laid out in the documents and checklists below. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

The Application
The Planning Board application is made up of administrative forms AND sets of plans. See below for the number required of each.

A Planning Board module has been launched in the Property Portal.  All applications MUST be logged in this module (see Planning Board Module document for details). Once the application is in the Portal and all the necessary documents have been compiled, please contact the Development Department to request a submission appointment 914.654.2185.

Bring required documents to the appointment.

Required number of documents by type
Two (2) copies of all administrative forms must be submitted to the department of Development along with the relevant fees.
Six (6) or eight (8) sets of plans must be submitted to the Department of Development (number dependent on PEER Review requirements).

Application Steps

  • Review other relevant documents, and related sections of the Municipal Code.
  • Go to the Property Portal and follow the instructions in the Planning Board Module document to log an application into the Portal.  This will generate a PB number for the application and is REQUIRED before submission of the hard copy application and plans.
  • Complete the hard copy application as outlined in the Planning Board InstructionsTWO (2) copies of the application are required with either SIX (6) or EIGHT (8) copies of plans as outlined in the Planning Board Application Checklist with check payment (see Fee Schedule to calculate).
  • Submit TWO (2) additional copies of the application and plans if your project is subject to Section 239m review pursuant to the New York State General Municipal Law. If you are unsure whether your property is subject to this requirement, you can utilize interactive map on Westchester County’s website.
  • Complete the application checklist to ensure you have all of the required documentation.
  • Submit the completed hard copy package (application documents, plans, and fees) to:
                Department of Development
                City Hall, First Floor
                515 North Avenue
                New Rochelle, NY 10801

All supporting documents, including payment, MUST be submitted with the application as outlined in the Planning Board Application Checklist WITH a copy of the completed checklist.   

Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Click HERE for a full list of Planning Documents.

For questions call the Department of Development at (914) 654-2185.

Planning Board Calendar 

See city calendar.

Sarah Dodds-Brown, Chair
Jim Brown
Isabelle Coelho-Marques
Dr. Walter Lipow
Kate Mercado
Keith Pitocchi
Mary Smith