Ideally Yours- Brand Narrative



The world’s greatest achievements are the result of passionate people pursuing personal ideals. Einstein didn’t construct his theory under orders from a bureaucrat. Henry Ford didn’t revolutionize the automobile industry toeing to the status quo. And Thomas Paine didn’t spark this country’s revolution for freedom by playing it safe.

But for original thinkers to thrive, they must be in a place that supports individuality and the pursuit of your next big thing.

Welcome to New Rochelle. A progressive community located minutes from New York City. Here, we celebrate personal ideals. You won’t be pressured to conform to an established lifestyle. Instead, you’ll find a culturally diverse community that values freedom of thought. Like the many influential writers, artists, and entrepreneurs who found inspiration in New Rochelle in the past, a new generation of creative minds is reaching for the stars, pushing boundaries, bending rules and experiencing the pride of ownership that comes with knowing that each voice, each personal mark, is helping to shape and define the community’s whole.

In fact, everything about New Rochelle is defined by an “anything’s possible so pursue your dreams” attitude. No excuses here, just a lot of inspiration and initiative. The ongoing transformation of Downtown and the Waterfront is testament to this mindset. Different groups and people within the community recognized the symbolic and literal importance of redefining this city center that has long served as home to artists, writers and pop culture icons. They came together to pursue this ideal and today the area is a walkable downtown that leans urban without being too gritty – a downtown whose star is rising with Monroe College and emerging artists as well as loft apartments and a diverse restaurant scene.

Not surprisingly, New Rochelle’s open-minded attitudes and support for the individual have shaped a culturally diverse and eclectic community. Different backgrounds, ethnicities and ideas stir together in a flavorful modern-day melting pot . . . a striking contrast to homogenized suburbia. Because original thinking is celebrated, education is a top priority resulting in a nationally recognized public school system. Youthful optimism and an influx of fresh ideas are also nurtured with the presence of three excellent higher education institutions – Iona, Monroe and the College of New Rochelle.

The business community is another example of supporting individual ideals. Entrepreneurs are attracted first by the energy of new ideas and then by the support and engagement of leaders who will roll up their sleeves to help you make things happen. Incentives and resources help everything and everyone succeed from upstarts to start-ups to big business. And when these diverse businesses collaborate on something the results are astounding – like a Wi-Fi network that spans 20 blocks and events such as outdoor summer movies, family fun nights and cultural events to stimulate New Rochelle’s economy.

Of course, the easy accessibility of nearby New York City also contributes to making New Rochelle ideal. In 30 minutes the Metro North Line can transport you into the heart of Manhattan with all its energy, entertainment and culture. If you want to take a bite out of more than The Big Apple, LaGuardia is just a few minutes away via Metro North. And at the end of your day or your trip, the train can carry you back to New Rochelle where shoreline views of Long Island Sound, leafy neighborhood streets and beautiful parks make it hard to believe you were just in the middle of the nation’s largest city. And the welcoming attitude, walkable downtown and abundant entertainment make you wonder why you ever left home at all.

That’s New Rochelle. Ideally located, ideally diverse, ideally entertaining and just waiting for you to make it Ideally Yours.