Student Housing Business Registration Program


The purpose of the Student Housing Business Registration program is to create a directory of structures housing three (3) or more students in an effort to protect the safety of students from overcrowding situations and to mitigate any negative impacts such uses may have on the surrounding neighborhoods.

All owners of one-family, two-family, three-family or multiple-family dwellings that house three (3) or more students attending or registered to attend a college or university, or who are on a semester or summer break from studies at a college or university, are required to register.

All Student Housing businesses shall register no later than September 30 of each year and such registration shall expire on May 31.  New registration is required each year beginning on June 1. There is no fee to register; however, failure to comply with any aspect of this ordinance could result in penalties.

FOR THE PURPOSES OF REGISTRATION, “BUSINESS” REFERS TO THE STUDENT HOUSING LOCATION.  Each location (street address) requires its own registration.

Please read the Question & Answer document for more information. Contact Business Ambassador, Lisa Davis, at 914-654-2189 or Email for further assistance.