Sewer Backups

Sewer backups

A sewer backup might be expensive and can cause property damage. Homeowners are responsible for the maintenance of their sewer lateral (a pipeline that runs between the house and the city sanitary sewer, usually located in the street).

Homeowners Insurance does not cover sewer backup. A special sewer backup coverage must be purchased to be covered.

Preventive Measures

To help avoid this unpleasant and costly problem in your home, here are some preventive measures you can take:

  • Dispose of grease responsibly Cooking oil should be transferred into a heat-resistant container and allowed to cool before disposal.
  • Dispose of paper products appropriately Unlike toilet paper, paper towels, disposable or cloth diapers, and feminine products do not deteriorate quickly or easily.
  • Replace your sewer line with plastic pipes Plastic pipes can prevent tree roots from entering your sewer line. Cut trees periodically if they are causing continual problems in your sewer lateral.
  • Install a backwater prevention valve A properly installed fixture added to a sewer line allows sewage to flow out, but not back in, therefore preventing sewer backflows.
  • Replace illegal plumbing connections It is illegal to connect French drains, sump pumps, and other flood control systems to your sanitary sewer.