Energize New Rochelle

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New Rochelle is Energizing!

The City of New Rochelle is sponsoring Energize New Rochelle, a program for the city’s homeowners looking to lower their energy bills and increase the comfort and value of their homes.

Sign up today for a free or low-cost home energy assessment with a certified contractor to find out how much energy your house is wasting and learn how to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Typical energy improvements include added insulation, air-sealing and upgraded heating and cooling mechanicals. Easy financing, an independent Energy Coach to advise you and more benefits are available. Most improvements take less than one week to make, but provide years of benefits.

Over 100 Energized Homeowners in New Rochelle are experiencing less drafty rooms, lower energy bills and peace of mind. For more information, contact Lauren at 914-302-7300 ext. 8102 or visit energizeny.org/newrochelle 

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