New Rochelle Strong Together

It is the most challenging times that test the nature and strength of a community. We are in one of these times now with the COVID-19 public health crisis - like nothing any of us has experienced before. In the face of these extraordinary times, New Rochelle has shown great strength, kindness, sympathy and generosity.  As a community, we are supported by our connections. 
New Rochelle is here for you.  We hope this web site connects you to the information and resources and stories you need now and in the future.   Please reach out to connect if you have a need or have something to share - whether a story highlighting our community’s kindheartedness or a resource that you think would be helpful for others to know about. 

Together, we will stay #NewRoStrong. 


  1. Charles Curtis

    Director of Community Engagement
    Phone: (914) 654-8929