Art Contests

  1. “NRNY” Sculpture Art Project
  2. Potter Avenue Bridge Mural Contest
Purpose of the Project
The City of New Rochelle is seeking entries for a juried art competition to design and install art-work on the latest version of the “NRNY” Sculptures. Two identical metal sculptures have been fabricated and prepped for painting. The finished product will be displayed outdoors in various locations throughout the City of New Rochelle.

Project Scope
  • The artwork may be abstract or pictorial and should be inviting and engaging to residents, visitors, pedestrians and motorists. The artwork should include elements related to life in New Rochelle.
  • Artwork must be a single design per sculpture.
  • Artists are strongly encouraged to view the city’s website or to understand city goals and initiatives particularly in relation to the arts, downtown development and transportation before making a submission.
Submission Criteria
  • Artist(s) may submit singularly or as a team. 
  • Artist(s) may submit designs for one sculpture or both sculptures.
  • Artist(s) are asked to create a depiction of their proposed work that closely indicates how they envision their work in real space. 
  • Photoshop renderings are preferred. Please include a flat rendering and also overlaid on the enclosed photographs.
  • Work on sculpture by contest winner(s) will be done in the Creative Lab at New Ro Studios (11 Burling Lane).
  • Application of art work should be accomplished using paint suitable for outdoor display.
  • Transportation of the sculptures will be provided by the City of New Rochelle.
  • The Selection Committee reserves the right to choose more than one winning entry depending on the quality and suitability of work received.
  • The selected winner(s) will be receive $1,500 for one sculpture and $3,000 for two sculptures. The funds received are to be used to purchase any materials necessary to complete the project. All funds remaining after the purchase of materials will be kept by the awarded artist(s) as an award.
  • The deadline for submission of entries is April 30, 2021.
  • The attached Contest Application must be submitted with proposed art work.
  • Art work is expected to be completed in Spring/Summer 2021.
The Jury of Selection will consist of members of the Municipal Arts Commission of the City of New Rochelle. Submissions from current and former residents of New Rochelle will be receive five (5) additional points during scoring.