2022 Drainage Analysis Study

Property owners asked to document flooding issues for comprehensive review of the City’s six watersheds

In July 2022, the City Council unanimously approved contracts with five Drainage subconsultants to perform a Citywide Drainage Study that will analyze issues in the watershed districts located throughout New Rochelle. To more fully identify drainage problem locations, the City has solicited input from property owners who have experienced severe flooding. The deadline for submitting information was September 15, 2022.

A total of six drainage basin areas will be reviewed: Burling Brook, Hutchinson, Pinebrook, Sheldrake River, Shoreline, and Stephenson Brook. The contractor will accomplish a series of tasks beginning with a review of City data and performing hydrologic analyses, followed by development of recommendations for drainage improvements and the creation of a final report in late 2022. 

Public Works Commissioner Jim Moran said, “We have already compiled an extensive base list of sites from historic reporting and our own analysis of topography and infrastructure. This additional information from the public will complete the picture and help to determine future capital improvements.” 

Project Overview

View July 19 presentation to City Council