New Rochelle Greenhouse Gas Inventories


New Rochelle has completed greenhouse gas inventories (GHGI) for 2018, 2019, and 2020, along with a 2010 GHGI that includes 2005 emissions as a baseline.


The GHGI for 2018, 2019 and 2020 target the 3 most significant sectors for the City: the Residential/Commercial/Municipal Energy Consumption, Transportation, and Waste sectors. 


The inventories calculated emissions on a scope 1, consumption‐based approach (i.e. the use of electricity in any household or business will be associated with its indirect emissions even though the power is not produced within the City) as well as scope 2 and 3, lifecycle emissions (emissions associated with upstream activity, including fuel extraction or production, processing and transport). The City of New Rochelle is estimated to have reduced emissions from 1.3 million to 0.7 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (mt CO2e) emissions between 2018 to 2020, or approximately 13.0 to 8.8 mt CO2e per year per resident. This is comparable to the per capita emissions of similarly-sized municipalities within the Northeastern Region, and below the statewide per capita emissions for New York State (approximately 10.5 metric tons of CO2e per year per resident.)

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