2021 DOZ Amendments

The Supplemental Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement (Supplemental DGEIS), prepared at this time builds upon the information, analyses and findings from the 2015 GEIS and the 2015-2019 amendments and identifies the potentially significant adverse environmental impacts. The Proposed Action is intended to allow the City to position itself to have a healthier economy and stronger social connectivity within the downtown, bolster the economic resiliency of the City by recognizing the important connection between the development of the waterfront and the development of the transit-oriented downtown development sites as it emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic.


2021 DOZ Amendments Overview

2021 DOZ Zoning Amendments December 14, 2021

2021 DOZ Findings Statement December 14, 2021

NR DOZ FINAL SGEIS Accepted November 9, 2021

Appendix A-1 RAP Addendum

SDGEIS Main Text Accepted June 15

Notice of Completion

2021 Overall Study Area for Website