Building Permits

Obtaining a building permit is a New York State requirement, not a local ordinance.

Apply for a permit here

Permits are not required for:
  • Resurfacing an existing driveway without any expansion / extension from the existing configuration in connection with a 1 or 2-family dwelling
  • Construction of walks or steps that are not connected to any structures
  • Simple re-roofing of a 1 or 2-family dwelling (involving a maximum of 2 layers of asphalt roof shingles), not involving the removal or replacement of plywood or other sheathing, roof planks, or other roof structure
  • Wood or vinyl siding of a 1 or 2-family, where the siding is simply applied to an existing exterior, without removal or replacement of the sheathing or other wall structure
  • Simple re-surfacing of a driveway
  • Painting a house
  • Direct replacement of windows (windows must meet energy code compliance for New York State.)
For technical bulletins and code interpretations for the NYS Building Code, please visit the NYS Department of State, Division of Code Enforcement and Administration webpage.