About Us

Our department's mission is to transform the lives of all people through parks and recreation. We welcome and encourage your participation as we emphasize a theme of core services which focus on play, health, environmental stewardship and conservation. 

Parks and Recreation services are offered through our five bureaus: Marina, providing a variety of services for all recreational boaters; Office for the Agingoffering a wide range of opportunities, including daily nutrition, focused on senior adults age 62 and over; Parks, consisting of over 30 diversely unique properties; Recreationfeaturing programs from toddlers to seniors that include day camps, tennis, softball, basketball, special events and trips; and Youth Bureau providing positive youth development for residents under 21 years of age. 

Please get involved, enjoy our many program services, and discover our rich, diverse park system!

William V. Zimmermann

Parks and Recreation Gift Catalog
The New Rochelle Parks and Recreation Gift Catalog gives you, the prospective contributor, a clear picture of items and programs that can be enhanced, expanded or supported by citizen donations. Your contributions are tax deductible and your gift will be appropriately recognized unless you seek anonymity. 

For more information and a copy of the Gift Catalog, please call (914) 654-2087.