Paws Place Dog Park at Ward Acres

Effective July 1, 2023


Paws Place 1                   


A valid permit is required for all dogs entering Paws Place Dog Park. This ID must be carried at all times when in the park with your dog. Paws Place permits are valid on a rolling calendar year. Please see our complete list of RULES AND POLICIES.

Permits may be obtained in the Parks and Recreation office daily from 8:30am - 4:30pm, or by emailing the following information to

Requirements for Resident/Non-Resident Dog Owners:

  • Proof of Residence (Driver's License)
  • New York State Dog License, which can be obtained in The City Clerk's Office for New Rochelle residents. Non-residents should check with their local clerk's office.
  • Current proof of rabies vaccination
  • A clear photo of your dog, to be used for your permit

Requirements for Commercial Dog Walkers:

*All dogs entering the park with a dog walker must also have an individual permit issued to their owner. Dog Walkers are required to carry both their Professional Dog Walkers' permit and the individual permit for each dog. 


New Rochelle Residents: $50 per household (up to 4 dogs per household)

Non-residents: $100 per household (up to 4 dogs per household)

Resident Dog Walkers: $600 First Permit/$800 Each Additional Permit

Non-resident Dog Walkers: $850 First Permit/$1100 Each Additional Permit

Additional Information:

For more information, please contact The Department of Parks and Recreation at 914-654-2087.