Section 8

The City of New Rochelle Section 8 office is open by appointment only.    Please call (914) 654-2179.

The Section 8 wait list is not accepting applications at this time. To check your waitlist status, visit:

La lista de espera de la Sección 8 no aceptan aplicaciones en este momento.  Para verificar su estado en la lista de espera, visite:


The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program is a subsidized rent program, funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and administered locally by the City of New Rochelle. The program is designed to help tenants who would otherwise be priced out of the rental housing market. The groups that this program helps are:
  • Disabled citizens on fixed incomes
  • Extremely low-income households
  • Senior citizens
Tenants of the program will pay 30% to 40% of their household income towards the rent. A Section 8 Voucher funds a housing assistance payment (HAP) to make up for the difference between the tenant's share and the actual fair market rent. The HAP is sent directly to the landlord. The dollar amount of Section 8 Housing Assistance Payments will vary depending on the income of the household and the approved rent for the apartment.

Regulations & Eligibility

The regulations and eligibility requirements for the Section 8 Program are set by HUD. Additionally, the prospective housing unit must meet Federal Housing Quality Standards (HQS) before any subsidy is authorized.


The mission of the Housing Choice Voucher Program is to enable eligible households to rent suitable housing in the private rental housing market outside high-poverty neighborhoods. Once issued, a Housing Choice Voucher remains with the family or individual as long as they remain eligible, even if they move into a new apartment. Housing Choice Vouchers are portable, enabling holders to seek housing anywhere in the U.S., including Puerto Rico.

New Rochelle Section 8 Housing 
1 Radisson Plaza #900
New Rochelle, NY 10801