Major Projects

The City of New Rochelle has taken steps in recent years that have affected the quality-of-life for its residents and have had a dramatic effect on the physical appearance of the City. Downtown New Rochelle has seen high-rise buildings grow out of the ground, the construction of the first urban park built by the County of Westchester in decades, and improvements to the streetscape to create a more pedestrian atmosphere for all to enjoy.

A 5 to 10-minute walk east on U.S. Route 1 takes you within feet of the proposed Echo Bay Project, located on Long Island Sound in an area that has historically been used for industrial purposes. It is the City's intention to create a walkable community in this area with retail shops, open space, and mixed residential uses just a short walk from downtown.

Other areas of the City are also seeing an insurgence of activity from new town homes on Pelham Road to luxury single-family homes in the North End.