Green Initiatives

The Municipal Marina has initiated a number of programs and best management practices to protect water quality, reduce energy use and recycle.

Protecting Water Quality
  • All catch basins have hydrocarbon filters to prevent storm water runoff
  • An oil water separator has been installed in the wash down area to prevent run off during bottom washing
  • Filter and hay bales are used during bottom washing to prevent paint chips and other foreign debris from entering the harbor
  • All boat bottom wash water is recycled and reused saving approx 30K gallons of water per year. Filtration removes heavy metals (zinc, copper, lead) as well as paint chips and aquatic growth from reentering the Long Island Sound.
  • A program of daily sweeping of the parking lot area during summer months prevents parking lot run off into Long Island Sound.
  • The Marina disposes of all collected waste oil, paints and used bottom painting brushes in a proper manner.
  • In 2008, the Marina created a shrink wrap recycling program involving all the marinas in the New Rochelle community thereby removing approximately 20K pounds of low density polyethylene plastic from the waste stream. This program is expected to continue in F/Y 2009.
  • Recycling of paper and cans, and bottles is strictly enforced during the summer season. Sorting is done by the Marina staff.
  • Lumber from current dock resurfacing will be recycled by a private individual, thus saving on carting costs.
Green Purchasing
  • The Marina has adopted a green purchasing policy and only uses environmentally sound products made of all natural, primarily citrus, non-toxic ingredients. These cleaning materials are automatically dispensed from a central unit thereby saving on wasteful packaging and excessive use of product. The approximate cost of usage equates to pennies on the gallon.
Energy Efficiency
  • All light bulbs are being replaced when they burn out with longer lasting and more energy efficient Compact Florescent Light bulbs.
  • As upgrades to the facility take place, occupancy sensors are being installed in bathrooms and nonessential areas which turn lights on and off to save electricity.
  • Marina personnel use battery powered vehicles as much as possible to complete daily tasks.
  • All purchased power equipment is rechargeable battery powered where ever possible.
Best Practice
  • By means of grants, the Marina has upgraded its sanitary waste pump out facility and will operate a pump out boat to service all the New Rochelle area marinas.
  • Fuel spill prevention rings are used during fueling on the Gas Dock.
  • ADA improvements include a new ADA accessible men’s restroom, ADA Accessible gangway for the A dock, the main dock in the Marina, and ADA Accessible boat slips.
Future Projects
  • Obtain federal designation as a No Discharge Zone for all New Rochelle Waters
  • Install as much energy efficient lighting as possible
  • Utilize more hybrid vehicles
  • Explore the benefit of a wind-powered technology on the roof of the Marina
  • Build a skimmer boat to pick up floatable debris after heavy rain events