Apparatus - Station #4

Engine 24
 Engine 24 (E-24) responded to over 1,500 runs last year. E-24 is staffed with a fire officer (captain or lieutenant) and two firefighters. Engine 24 is currently assigned a 2004 American LaFrance 1500gpm pumper. This unit was formerly assigned as Engine 22. A new engine is on order and is expected to be in-service by spring 2017.
Engine 24
Engine 17
Engine 17 (E-17) is a 2005 American LaFrance 1500gpm pumper.. It is used as a spare apparatus, which means it is not normally staffed. It is used when frontline engines are out of service for maintenance, during storms, and during other major emergencies. When necessary, it is staffed with members that are recalled to duty. Engine 17 is the former Engine-24.
engine 17
Gator & Trailer
The gator is a 2005 John Deer 6-wheel, all terrain vehicle (ATV) with a medical transport module. It was purchased with homeland security grant funding. It is designed to transport a crew of 3 and a patient along with the medical equipment needed to treat that patient. It is used during crowd events, parades, fireworks, waterfront festival, etc. We have also used it to transport an injured patient from the horse trails behind the nature study woods. In 2007, using a homeland security grant, an enclosed trailer was purchased to house and transport the gator.
Mass Casualty Incident Response Unit 
30 Utility 1 (30u1) is the New Rochelle Fire Department's Mass Casualty (MCI) & Mass Decontamination Incident Response Unit. It is equipped with oxygen and medical supplies to treat approximately 25 patients and to decon (in conjunction with Squad #2) hundreds of ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients. The current unit is a 2010 Isuzu Box Truck which was purchased with a homeland security grant and was outfitted by the Department Shop.