Apparatus - Station #5

Engine 25
Engine 25 (E-25) is responsible for almost 45% of the City. It is the first response engine company for the homes and businesses from Quaker Ridge Road north to the northern City border. Engine 25 responded to over 900 runs last year. E-25 is staffed with a fire officer (captain or lieutenant) and three firefighters. Engine 25 is currently assigned a 2008 Pierce Arrow 1500gpm pumper.
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Fire Safety House
The Fire Safety House is a trailer that simulates the hazards found in every home. New Rochelle firefighters use these simulations to teach school children as well as adults about fire prevention and safety. A favorite is when the bedroom fills with smoke, setting off the smoke detectors and forcing the participants to exit. When they get to the bedroom door, they find it hot, indicating that a fire is in the hallway on the other side of the door. They must then find a second way out. The trailer was purchased in 2003 under a Project Impact FEMA grant.
Fire Safety House.png
Utility 96
Utility 96 is also known as the Primary Pump Wagon or Dewatering Unit. It carries a series of trash pumps and is used to pump out basements or other flooded locations. This 1987 GMC/Wheeled Coach unit was donated to NRFD by the Terry Farrell fund in October 2009.

New Rochelle Fire Department is very thankful to the Terry Farrell Fund for this donation. "We Will Never Forget".
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