Responsibilities & Duties

The Bureau of Engineering is headed by the City Engineer with responsibility to the engineering staff and for performing all necessary engineering services with regard to Public Works projects, capital improvements, and related projects.

The Bureau prepares construction plans and specifications, contract specifications for a variety of infrastructure projects including:
  • Building repairs and/or improvements
  • Conducts inspections of contract work in progress
  • Drainage and sewer repairs and/or replacement
  • Handles contract and street opening permits
  • Investigates related complaints
  • Maintains engineering files and maps
  • Street resurfacing and reconstruction
Additionally, the Bureau of Engineering:
  • Oversees traffic engineering planning and design for regulating, installation and maintenance of traffic signals and street signs.
  • Provides engineering review of plans submitted to the Planning and Zoning Boards.

Construction in the Right of Way

Any construction work on curbs, sidewalks, sewer, or drain lines requires a Public Works Permit. While engineering services are not provided for private property, the Bureau does provide guidance with respect to the specification of construction activity occurring within the right of way, sidewalk construction, and re-occurring drainage issues. Each year the Bureau issues nearly 1,000 permits for construction within the City rights of way.

Permit applications can ONLY be obtained on line.