Is the Census Safe?

The Census Is Safe!
The U.S. Census Bureau is not allowed to share any information you provide with any other federal, state or local agencies. The U.S. Census is important, safe, confidential, easy, and mandated by law. Your responses are protected by law (Title 13, U.S. Code, Section 9).

All Census Bureau employees have taken an oath to protect confidentiality and are subject to a jail term, a fine, or both for disclosing any information that could identify a respondent or household. Census data affects funding for New Rochelle, our city’s representation in Congress, and our leader’s planning decisions.

The information you provide is combined with responses provided by your neighbors and other households across the country, to provide summary statistical data that are used by various local, state and federal agencies. The census questionnaire takes only a few minutes to answer and return by U.S. mail.