Marriage Transcript


A marriage transcript can be obtained in person at the City Clerk's Office or by mail.
Only the Bride or Groom may apply to obtain these records. 

Applying In Person

The applicant must complete the Marriage Transcript Application and bring current official photo identification:  
  ◦U.S. Driver's License
  ◦Non-driver photo ID card (issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles)

Applying by Mail

The request may be made using the Marriage Transcript Application and sending the following:
   ◦A legible current copy of any one of the photo IDs listed above
   ◦ Your signature must be notarized on the application
   ◦ A self-addressed, stamped envelope 

The request may also be made on personal stationery with the above listed ID and a self addressed stamped envelope. 
 On your letter you must include the following:
  ◦Bride's Name (Maiden Name)
  ◦Groom's Name
  ◦Date of Marriage
  ◦Your notarized signature

Mail request with the appropriate fee to:
New Rochelle City Hall
City Clerk's Office
515 North Avenue
New Rochelle, NY 10801
Marriage Transcript Application



$10 per transcript
Payment Options