Public Education

About Us
Public education is the process of changing people's attitudes and behavior related to safety. Most fires and injuries can be prevented with changed behavior. Think about how many fires and injuries are the result of a person's behavior:
  • Food left on the stove
  • Ashes placed in a combustible container
  • Riding a bike or skating without a helmet
  • Not wearing a seat belt when riding in a car
  • Matches left on the table within reach of a young child
These incidents are due to carelessness or inappropriate human behavior.

Public education seeks to change a person's attitude about his or her personal safety and wellness, resulting in changed behavior. We use many methods to achieve our goal, including presentations at schools, programs at community events, news stories, and public service announcements.

The Public Education Unit of the New Rochelle Fire Department is responsible for providing the public with information and resources to prevent not only fires, but also to reduce or prevent injuries and death from causes unrelated to fire. Each year our firefighters are dispatched to more emergency medical services calls for unintentional injuries than for actual fire-related emergencies.

The New Rochelle Fire Department provides resources, planning services, and information for citizens, schools, businesses, and community groups. Our priority programs are:
  • Fire Safety for Senior Citizens
  • Fire Safety for children
Educating the community in fire and life safety skills is a top priority. The New Rochelle Fire Department offers a comprehensive Public Fire and Life Safety Education Program.