Fire Hydrants

Illegally painted hydrant, If we can not find it, particularly at night, We may not be able to save your home. or the home of your neighbor.

There are over 1,400 fire hydrants in New Rochelle. The City of New Rochelle rents the hydrants, which are owned and maintained by United Water Company.

The NRFD needs your help to make sure the hydrant can be used when it is needed. Property owners need to maintain any vegetation that hides or prevents the use of the hydrant.
To safely operate the hydrant, firefighters must stand behind it. We require 3 feet of clearance 360 degrees around the hydrant and at least 6 feet above it. In addition to vegetation, fences and mail boxes need to be clear.

If we can not find the hydrant, we can not control your fire. If we find it and it is obstructed, we will be delayed in hooking up while we cut down the obstruction.

It is also important to clear the snow off the closest hydrant from your home. Even if it is not in front of your house, its your protection.

I Will Only Be a Minute
What happens when you park in front of a fire hydrant and the fire department needs to use it.