What is on an Engine Company?

What is carried on an engine company? An engine responds to a wide variety of incidents and must carry enough equipment to deal with anything. Engine 25 carries a few additional items that are not carried on any of our other engines. These items are carried by all our ladder (or truck) companies. Firefighters 40 years ago would not recognize many of the items that we carry today.

Front Bumper
100 foot 1¾ inch hose line, often called a “trash line” as this is the primary hose that is used for minor outside fires.

200 foot 1¾ inch foam hose line, used for flammable liquid fires. Is attached to a foam eductor, which mixes the foam with water. Two special foam nozzles and 5 gallons of foam concentrate.

Both hoses can flow water from an outlet located on the bumper.
front Bumper
Compartment L-1
Called the drivers compartment. Carries short sections of hose, fittings and adapters (needed to hook up to hydrants in other communities) and extra nozzles. The driver can store his turnout gear in here, when driving. 

Compartment L-1 (rear)

The adapter board swings out like a door. Large adapters are stored on the back of the door. 

Compartment L-2

Sump pumps, boots, Hazmat Suits and a floating strainer (to draft water from lakes). The small stainless steel doors hold a foam extinguisher and flares. 

Compartment L-3

Four 5 gallons cans of foam concentrate, absorbent (for fuel spills), a tool box, Ice Rescue suits and water rescue rope, 5 spare SCBA Bottles (breathing air) and tarps. 

Rear Compartment

Carries a jumbo wye (splits 1 5” hose into 2), a hydrant bag (which carries all of the tools and adaptors needed to hook up a hydrant), a jumbo gate (to stop the flow of water in a hose) and Life Jackets. 

Ladder Compartment

A 24 foot extension ladder, 14 foot roof ladder, 4 pike poles (for pulling down ceilings), a backboard and a 10 foot long by 6 inch diameter hard suction (to draft water from lakes), a second hard suction is carried on the other side. 

Compartment R-3

The blue “standpipe” hose is used inside apartment buildings, each section is 75 feet long and 2 inches in diameter. Also carried is our “standpipe bag” (carries the adaptors and tools), a hydraulic “rabbit tool” (forcible entry). 

Compartment R-3 Top

The upper section carries 2 sets of “Irons” (a flat head axe and halligan tool), a hand light and our F.A.S.T. (Firefighter Assist Search Team) bag (carries rope and tools to rescue a missing or trapped firefighter). 

Compartment R-2

This compartment carries spare oxygen cylinders (1 is upside down indicating it needs to be filled), a spare SCBA bottle (room for 3 with packs) and a waterjel blanket. The small stainless steel doors hold a water and a dry chemical extinguisher. 

Compartment R-1

A combi (combination) spreader/cutter and power unit (A small version of the “Jaws of Life”) along with cribbing to stabilize a vehicle. A chain saw and a reciprocating saw, and a fan to remove smoke from a structure. Most of the items in this compartment are unique to Engine 25 as these are normally carried on ladder companies. 

Cross Compartment

The Cross Compartment carries long tools; brooms, shovels and splints. 

Left Inside Crew Compartment

Inside the crew area are 2 compartments; the left holds a multi gas meter (to find gas leaks and carbon monoxide), battery chargers (for hand tools) and additional EMS supplies. 

Right Inside Crew Compartment

Inside the crew area are 2 compartments; the right side holds a trauma bag, oxygen bag, and a defibrillator. 

Above the pump

Above the pump a little giant ladder (folding step and A-frame ladder) is stored. Engine 25 is the only engine to carry this. On top of this compartment is a radio controlled deck gun (also called a master stream) it can flow 1,250 gallons of water per minute. 

Rear of the Engine

Rear of the rig has the primary hose bed (under the cover) which carries 900 feet of 5 inch supply line (it can deliver 1,500 gallons per minute from a hydrant) and 1,500 feet of assorted sizes of attack hose. A special high volume nozzle is hanging next to the “5” and is pre-connected to the pump. A 35 foot extension ladder is carried on a special hydraulic rack on the top right (it rotates down to within reach of firefighters with a simple switch). The box under the ladder rack carries additional long pike poles and a closet or folding ladder.
Compartment 1
Compartment 1 rear
Compartment 2
Compartment 3
rear compartment
Ladder compartment
Compartment R 3
Compartment R3 tOP
Compartmenrt R2
compartment R1
Cross Compartment
Left Inside Compartment
Right Inside Compartment
Above the pump
Rear of the engine