Presentations and Seminars

July 5 -

Senior Meeting

- Did you miss out on going on a trip because you didn't know we were going? Did you not see the movie you wanted to because you forgot we were showing it? Why not come sit in on our meeting and see all the things we have going on here. Sign up for lunch (suggested donation $2.00) and enjoy our air conditioning while we present our new schedule of events and activities.

July 23 -

It's A Small World

- The second installment of this presentation led by Nora Shwide LeMorin celebrates the language, culture, and cuisine of Germany. Tastings are included. Join us at 1:00pm for this fascinating trip to a different country without ever leaving your chair.

August 2 -

Senior Meeting

- Do you know whats going on here at the center? Want to come for lunch but you don't know what is on the menu? Was there a trip that you were looking forward to but do not know when we are going? Come to the monthly meeting and see what we have planned. Sign up for lunch (suggested donation $2.00) and stay for the meeting. Refreshments and a 50/50 raffle will follow.

August 21 -

Walking Club Introduction

- Gloria DeSilva will be here right after lunch on Wednesday August 21st to discuss the idea of having a Walking Club. The club will be transported to a different park in New Rochelle each week (weather permitting) to walk through the parks and stretch your legs. The Walking Club will official start on Wednesday September 18th during Senior Day at 5 Islands. Sign up for lunch (suggested donation $2.00) and stay for the presentation.