Presentations and Seminars

December 18 -

Aesthetic Realism

- Join us for a  presentation by Devorah Tarrow and Jeffrey Carduner entitles "Every Person Can Tell You Something About Yourself!" This talk will center around the Van Gogh painting "Portrait Of M. Roulin (The Postman). Sign up for lunch (suggested donation $2.00) and stay for the presentation. 

January 3 -

Senior Meeting

- Come be a part of our first meeting in 2020. Sign up for lunch (suggested donation $2.00) and see what we have in store for you in the new year. Plan for an exciting trip, sit back and listen to an interesting presentation, join in on an event here at the center. Meeting begins at 1:00 pm. after lunch. Don't be left out of the loop. 

January 14 -

Our Spiritual Journey

- Join Lynne Creighton in a discussion which will touch on some interesting spiritual topics of the day. This group meets once a month on the second Tuesday (weather and scheduling permitting) for lunch. You must make your lunch reservations (suggested donation $2.00) no later than 1:00pm on the Monday before. Please note: No outside food will be allowed into the Center.

January 15 -

2019: A Year in Pictures

- Come to the Doyle Center as we show on our big screen television, pictures taken throughout the year. See all the events and activities we had at the Center as seen through the lens of Reiner Lubge's camera. Sign up for lunch (suggested donation $2.00) and try to find yourself in some of the photographs. 

February 7 -

Senior Meeting

- As we look forward to Spring, come take a look at our schedule of events and activities and see what we have planned here at the Center. Sign up for lunch (suggested donation $2.00) and stay for the meeting. 

February 13 -

Black History Month Video

- New York Noir: The History Of Black New York. Join us as we celebrate Black History Month with this video that examines the history of African-Americans in New York from the 1600's to present day. 

February 20 -

The Triumph Of Women's Suffrage

- Celebrate the 100th anniversary of Woman's suffrage in America. David Osborn of St. Paul's National Historic Site will be here to present this monumental event as women earned the rite to vote in America.

February 26 -

National Fairy Tale Day

- The students from Isaac E. Young Middle School will be here to read us some of their favorite fairy tales. Presentation will begin at 1:00 so sign up for lunch (suggested donation $2.00) and stay to listen to the stories as we sip hot cocoa on the couch.