Why Plan?

Why does New Rochelle need a Comprehensive Plan?
New Rochelle’s Comprehensive Plan has not been updated since 1995. Since that time, society has changed significantly; new and pressing challenges have come to light in the 21st century such as changing demographics, climate change impacts, aging infrastructure and the built out nature of our city. The projected increase in population in New Rochelle over the next 20 years is for 5000 additional residents, which will create new needs and additional demands.

Many new programs and initiatives at the local, state and federal levels have been created to help towns and cities identify areas for improvement and set standards for future growth and development. The city must work to reach not only the goals it sets for itself, but those goals set by other entities such as the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Sustainable Communities Initiative and Westchester County’s Westchester 2025 plan. New Rochelle also adopted a Sustainability Plan in 2011, which outlines how the city seeks to improve in the areas of energy, conservation, public health, smart growth and other “green” initiatives.

These guidelines, along with professional and public input, will help New Rochelle determine the direction of its future development and will be clearly outlined in the 2020 Comprehensive Plan - EnvisioNR.