NY-CT Sustainable Communities Initiative

A 3-year coordinated regional effort to improve the linkages between jobs, housing and transportation while respecting the environment.

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The NY-CT Sustainable Communities Initiative brings together several communities in New York City, Long Island, Connecticut and the Hudson Valley. It seeks to plan more livable neighborhoods and a more accessible region by pursuing livability principles of greater transportation choices, equitable and affordable housing, improved economic competitiveness, and the preservation and enhancement of unique community characteristics. As a member of The New York-Connecticut Sustainable Communities Consortium, New Rochelle has initiated a place making project centering around the Intermodal Transit Center. The project will focus on economic development, walkability, bikeability and access to/from the transit center. Additionally, as part of the Consortium, New Rochelle will be working with the City of Mt. Vernon and the City of Yonkers to perform a southern Westchester corridor study aimed at solidifying the connections among jobs, housing and transportation to create a strong link between the 3 major cities.

With grant money awarded by the Sustainable Communities Initiative to the NY-CT consortium, New Rochelle has retained Crosby Schlessinger Smallridge (www.cssboston.com), a Landscape Architecture, Planning, and Urban Design firm as consultants to oversee the project. With prior work familiarity of New Rochelle- the Church-Division and Garden Street projects - and with tremendous experience planning and designing livable places that enhance the quality of life for existing residents, CSS brings a wealth of knowledge & experience to the project. CSS will work with City staff to create safer and more comfortable streets, strengthen the public realm and explore development opportunities, not only immediately surrounding the intermodal center but any downtown opportunities that may have an impact on the transit center.

Check back often as project updates will be posted here or at www.sustainablenyct.org.