Maplewood Park - Concepts

This online survey is now closed. Thank you to those that submitted project comments! Our park design consultants are compiling data to present a revised Maplewood Park master plan for our future review.

Concept 1 equally distributes programming throughout the park and is the most impactful on the current site. Features include plaza-type open spaces, a shade structure, performance lawn, implementing ample playground area for children and improving the Colonial Greenway path.    

Concept 2 has a lesser impact on the existing site and implements a multi-use sports court for both basketball and tennis.  The natural path to the Colonial Greenway Gateway is enhanced and this concept also features naturalized plantings.

Concept 3 focuses on programming highlighted in the eastern portion of Maplewood Park.  A multi-use space offers basketball, enhanced playground equipment, a dynamic fitness area as well as skateboarding capabilities.  Access to the Colonial Greenway is drastically improved as well in this concept.